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Canvas Church seeks to provide a safe and secure environment for children who participate in our programs and activities. We care strongly about providing physical safety and emotional safety.



Canvas Church seeks to provide memorable moments each Sunday. We want kids to have fun and look forward to coming back each week.


We want kids to form a relationship with us and most importantly with God. We want each child to feel seen and heard each week. 

"The mission of Canvas Kids is to help kids discover Jesus."



Click the button below to pre-register your kids for Sunday service.

This quick form will make your check-in process quick and easy upon arrival to serivce.

Interested in serving?

We believe that investing in kids means investing in the future, and we would love for you to join our team of leaders and volunteers who get to do this every month. All volunteers must pass a background check, and we will reach out to you once you fill out a connect card below.

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