Monday Community Group:

Brewmasters in Goldsboro

Church... in a Brewery?! 

Our friends at Brewsmasters have allowed us to host a 8 week community group on Monday nights this summer - and we are pretty pumped! Kevin McNeil will lead this study along with Carter and Miriam Hudson.


Katie & Eric are high school sweethearts who have been married for 6 years. Born and raised in Goldsboro, they love this community and have a heart for the city. They love adventure and are always up for anything outdoors (hiking, biking, camping, golf, snowboarding, etc.).


Awesome things about Eric and Katie:

  • Eric is a huge Tar Heels Fan; Katie is for the Wolf Pack

  • Eric is one of the tallest guys you'll ever meet

  • They are currently converting a box truck to an RV to do more traveling! 


Tuesday Community Group:

Eric & Katie Williams


Women's Community Group:

Meg Pileggi

Meg is a wife, mom, foster mom, 4th grade teacher, and former Marine. Meg was born in Atlanta, GA, grew up most of her life in Wilmington, NC and is recently new to the Goldsboro area. Her and her husband have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and love living a chaotic life! 


Awesome things about Meg:

  • Meg loves to sow and craft

  • She spent 6 years as a Finance Officer in the Marines Corps

  • Meg and her husband have been foster parents for over 5 years to 12 kids (and counting...)