Tuesday Community Group:

Elizabeth Boyette

Co-Leader: Carina Aguilar

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Boyette and I'm from Eastern NC. I've lived in Wayne County for 13 years. I'm a proud mother to my 3 year old son, Eli. I'm passionate about making memories together with friends and family and serving my community. I can't wait to get to know you better over the next 8 weeks and study God's word together!

Co-Leaders: The Dendy's

My name is Kevin McNeil and my wife is Maiah. We're living that new parent life. We just had our first son, Micah, and he's the cutest kid in the world. I love laughing, playing basketball, and watching the Washington Football Team crush my dreams every year. I can't wait to open up the Bible and explore God's word and will for our lives together!


Wednesday Community Group:

Kevin & Maiah McNeil

Wednesday Community Group:

Cory & Meg Pileggi

Co-Leaders: The Hartley's

My name is Cory Pileggi and my awesome wife is Meg. Our lives are currently crazy right now with 3 kids (2 foster placements) so if you can relate then our group is perfect for you! Meg spent 6 years as a Finance Officer in the Marine Corps so we've moved around a lot but we both call Eastern NC home. We're really excited to get to know you better and to jump into a study of God's word for the next 8 weeks!