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Have you felt it? 

Chances are.. you have. 

It’s the excitement in the air. It’s the laughing and cracking up in the lobby. It’s the tears of authenticity in worship. It’s the men and women finding community and the new friendships forming. It’s the note-taking in sermons and the excitement for new series. It’s the service in our city and new faces every week. It’s the splash from the baptisms and the lives that are changing.

It is the feeling of growth - and it is absolutely a gift from God! 

At Canvas, our mission is very simple: We want to help people discover Jesus. 

We are sold out on this because we know Jesus changes everything - and we will do anything and everything short of sin in order to help people know who He is. Since the beginning, of Canvas, we have baptized over 60 people, and if you are one of those people, you absolutely understand why we are sold out on spreading Jesus to everyone. 

However, as we grow, we have had a realization: we need more room! 

Our kid's classrooms are getting full, and it’s getting hard to find a seat in our main worship service. This is an incredible “problem” to have! 

As a church, we have been praying about this solution for a while, and we believe the wisest thing to do is add another worship service on Sunday morning to allow room for more people to discover Jesus. 

Here’s the thing: The only reason we have grown is because of you. You have invited, given, served, and sacrificed. However, here’s the catch: the only way we can continue to grow is because of you. This would be impossible to pull off without you - nor would we even want to do this without you! Our church is better because of you - and without you, we are not nearly as strong.

Over the next few weeks, we will show you how we are going to transition to two services - but for now, we want to give you some answers to questions many of you probably have. 

As with anything, no one at Canvas is a “professional.” We are all genuine, authentic people like you. We fully expect to have a few hiccups along the way - and we are already looking forward to the laughs and learning that come from it. We thank you so much for not just calling Canvas home - but making it your home and owning our growth. 

I am honored and humbled to be your pastor - and while I am very excited about these last 60 baptisms - I’m even more excited for the 60 to come! I love you all - and can’t wait for 2024!

Kevin McNeil 
Lead Pastor 

                                                           Questions and Answers 

“Why not move to a bigger location?” 
We have addressed and explored this question, and essentially we’ve discovered that there aren’t many other locations to move to. The only spots we have found are either unavailable to us during Sunday or they are simply way more than we can afford. 

On another note, we really do love the movie theater. We think you love the theater as well. There is something unique and interesting about having a church that meets in the theater. We love the staff, the owners, and the atmosphere that it brings. We have a great relationship with the theater, and it is much more cost-effective to add a second service than it is to move to another location. 

“Where does the greatest need for volunteers exist?”
There are three key areas where we additional volunteers. 
Our Canvas Kids Team. We love kids, we love parents, and we love serving. We want our kids to discover Jesus in both services, so we will need more team members in this area if we want to go to two services. 
Our Setup/Teardown Team. As we move to two services, we need areas where people commit to showing up early and setting things up; however, we also need an area for people to help stay after and tear down. 
Our First Impressions Team. We will be providing coffee and morning refreshments for each service.  We need volunteers who will arrive early for both services and make sure things are up and ready to go. 

If you have been waiting for the right time to jump in and serve.  Now is the time!

“When will we have our own building?”
Remember when you were a kid and you asked for McDonalds, and your mom looked back and said “You got that McDonalds money?!” 
This is me looking at you and saying, “You got that building money?!” 😂 
In all seriousness, we have wondered when this question would surface.  Simply put, even if we had ALL the cash on hand today to build our own building, we would need to raise a lot more money, find additional funding - AND still allow 12-24 months for construction to happen.  A permanent building and community center is a part of our overall vision at Canvas, but for right now, that is not a viable immediate solution to our current growth.

“Won’t the room feel empty now?”
Can we be real? Over the last few weeks, you guys have talked about how hard it was to find a seat - and some of you even saved your seats with jackets and coats. However, with two services, it will be a bit more roomier and allow you to invite your friends and not worry about being able to sit together. Indeed, going from a packed house every week to a smaller group of people in the room will have an impact on the atmosphere... initially.  We believe that, with time, this will take care of itself.   Our ultimate hope is that the room will begin to fill up again as we continue to grow.

“Won’t this just create two different churches that meet in the same building?”
This is not at all our intention; rather, our goal is to create the space and atmosphere that will allow the church to continue to grow.  We are ONE church with TWO services. Though we will have two services, we have intentionally created special events and services to occasionally bring us together as one big throughout the year - be sure not to miss these! 

“But now I won’t get to see everyone on Sunday.”
Let’s be honest, you really don’t get to see everyone now.  As we topped the 200 mark, it became harder and harder to shake the hands of everyone.  As we continued to grow, it was only going to get harder.  Having two services actually helps make this a little bit easier and you will find it a bit more enjoyable. Also, we always push people to move from just attending on Sundays to a Community Group or a Life Group - that way you can experience a deeper community that a big Sunday gathering does not necessarily provide. 

“Will we have enough volunteers to do this?” 
Great question! 
Over the next few weeks, we are doing something called “Erase The Red.” You will notice a giant chart in the lobby full of positions that we need to start and staff two services - and our commitment is that we simply won’t move forward until we get these positions filled. 
The reason that we have grown is because of you, and the reason we will continue to grow is because of you. At Canvas, we believe we are better together - and we do not want to move to two services without you! 

“Will you ever offer Canvas Kids during both services?”
Yes - and this will actually help everyone in many ways. 
Right now, we have had to close classrooms for kids because we have maxed out in capacity. Not only will there be more room for children in each class, but it will be less stressful for our Canvas Kids team members. 

Additionally, all of our Kids volunteers who serve on Sundays are not able to go to the main service and are only able to watch the sermon later; however, with two services, they will be able to both serve and attend service in one Sunday (if they chose to go that route). It is a great way to serve others and still experience church for your own health!

“What will this do for set up and tear down?”
Right now, we are working on finalizing different teams for each of these elements, but I think there will be a bit of trial and error as we begin. As with anything new, we fully expect obstacles and know we may have to iron out wrinkles in the first few weeks. However, we know they will be minor and we’ll perfect it rather quickly once we start. 

“Will there be enough parking?”
Plenty. Have you seen that parking lot? That thing is huge lol. 

“Will the music or sermon vary from service to service?”
The sermon and all worship elements are designed identically for both services. 

“What times will the service be?” 
We are going to offer an 8:30 AM service and a 10:00 AM service. 

“Which service should we go to?” 
So, this is a weird question to answer because there are technically two answers. 

1. I know you will be surprised, but we think you would very much enjoy the 8:30 AM service. Some of you work night shifts and are already awake that early; many of you have young kids who already have you up before 6 AM anyway. We truly believe that you will fall in love with an early morning service! 

2. As stated earlier, I would even challenge you to go to both services - making a commitment to attend one and serve in the other. What better way to serve others by volunteering in one and being served by others by attending another? I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what it does to your soul by being able to experience giving back and enjoying our main service every week. 

“What about the Starbucks?” 
Starbucks has been serving our volunteers breakfast from the items they do not sell throughout the week. Most weeks have been an overwhelming amount - and many of you have taken the food home for the week. This will be the same case, and it is always “first come first serve.” Some weeks they give us a lot, some weeks they do not. It is a gift from Starbucks and we appreciate it regardless of what they give us! 

“When are we aiming to go to two services?” 
As stated before, you are the reason we are here, and we do not want to move forward without you. We cannot and we will not go to two services without all of the volunteer positions being filled. The sooner they are filled, the faster we will make the move. 

In a perfect world, it would be a great time to go to two services in January once the new year hits. New year, new service, new you. This is our tentative goal, and we think it can happen fairly easily. 

Thank you all again. Looking forward to what God is going to do in 2024! 

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